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Tips and Tricks (index)

Started by A.M.A, August 28, 2004, 07:11:44 PM

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[ A ]
[edit] Tag [/edit]
Add Buddy Button On Post
[poem] Tag [/poem]
Adding Adsense to your site
action=who - separated list for users, guests and spiders
Ability to remove images from signatures
Activity Level in posts
Advertising Your Board's RSS Feed
Add context to simple (quick) search
Add More Post Icons
Add total time spent online to users profile
Added the author name to the notification
Adding a "Search Again" box to the search template
Adding and checking permissions
Adding Google Talk to your forum.
Adding mod drop down box to forum index
Adding More colors to post reply
adding "new posts" links to classic theme.
Additional Dropdown Menu for Curve Theme
Admin "spy mode"
Administrate Yourself
Ads on Search Page
AIM online/offline status
Alert when few global mods online
Alternate stylesheets with 1 theme
Alternating rows background
Alternating rows background on the board index
Aligning Stats string with Recent Posts
Allowing guests to see all Boards but not entering
Always having your board name in the title of your forum
Apply permissions to custom actions
Applying membergroup color to every username
Anonymous Hostnames to Ban
Ask for gender during registration
Automatic redirection script for YaBB to SMF
Automatically reduce bandwidth consumption (slightly)
Automating Backup Of Forum
Avatar on Who's Online

[ B ]
BBcode - parsing "file://"
Bordered Post Data in Topic View (vB style)

[ C ]
Calendar colors by theme basis
Category description
Celebrity Quotes
Change Account Status From Profile
Change username link colors (to personal colors)
Changing quote header text
Changing the SSI Calendar Output
Code for adding RSS to every forum and subforum
Collapsable Spoiler/Block Tag
Collapse header by default
Color Bar SMF1.1 RC2
Comprehensive guide to .htaccess
Cooler Quote Boxes in Default Theme
Congratulating a user that is having a birthday
Counter that only counts UNIQUE visitors.

[ D ]
Default Avatar
Default Avatar On Registration
Detecting Multiple Accounts
Different colours for quotes in a quote
Disable deletion of yourself
Disable showing pictures in Quotes
Disable word censoring for a board(s)
Disabling certain member's post count
Disabling karma for moderators/admins
Display avy in ssi_boardNews
Display signatures once only per page
Displaying 'news' as forum-wide 'super-sticky'
Do not allow certain email domains w/o having to use ban
do not allow guest to view URLs
Don't Show Last Edit If Updater Is Admin
Does SMF support online reaplayer?
Drop Down Menu Feature of Dilber MC Theme

[ E ]
Easily and transparently use default images for missing images...
Easily create a floating \ following quick replay box
easily place banners on your forums
Easy image rollover effects in SMF
Email restriction code
Enable caching of search pages
Enhanced text markup function
Enhancement of the 'Reply To' Mod
Enhanced Who - HowTo see spiders online

[ F ]
Few colors that look very nice with SMF default template
Finding out referrer of the users coming to your site
Fix for Lots O Smileys
Flash actionscript Login
FlashChat Integration with 1.1 RC2 Default Theme
Fonts drop down selection & URL in post screen
for SMF 1.1.8 users
"forum rules" page
Forum info image scripts
Forward banned members to a certain page

[ G ]
Gender Member Color Link
Getting Rid of the Header
Getting the shadow tag to work on SMF1.1.x
Google Adsense Colors
Google AdSense in SMF, various positions...
Go Up button
Go to page...
GuestBar Warning!

[ H ]
Having Problems With Banned Members?
Hide Hack
Hide Local Time in Profile
Hide Moderator
Hiding a theme
Hiding boards on Board Index
Hiding a board without modification
Hiding random news if no news is available.
Highlight thread w/different color when it contains a user's own post
Homescreen icon for iPhone
How To Add Adsense to your forum
How Do I Hide Forum Title?
HowTo activate team badges
How to backup your forum&restore it in different ways
How to Change Title / Logo part in Default theme
How to COMPLETELY integrate Skype and Ventrillo into SMF.
How to create custom 'action'
HowTo Bold text for stuck topics?
HowTo list the themes in alphabetical order
How to setup a localhost for testing
HowTo redirect the login or logout url with ssi_login resp. ssi_logout

[ I ]
If Location is Present this Mod Will Display it!
IM Box Full - Bar Level
Image Upload from your board
Including custom html depending on SMF member group
Increase Post Count With Karma
Ip Shows In Graphic

[ K ]
Kill shouting in posts

[ L ]
Lazy Admin Menu
Let the Guests register
Limit Recent Posts on BoardIndex to certain boards.
Limit smilies per post
Limiting days in search
Linking something other than http
Live clock in header
Logout gray effect
Look and Layout in Profile Dropdown
Really sorry .. real life is demanding my full attention .. will be back soon hopefully :)


[ M ]
Making The ICQ and the YIM Images Static
Making a "real" default avatar (Eg: without editing templates)
Marquee Speed
Make a board always sorted by 'subject' as default
Make sure people read the registration agreement
Membergroup Colors In Posts (a solution....or quick fix)
Moderation Form instead of images in Topic Display
Mod_rewrite 301
Monthly Calendar pictures
MouseOver: topic preview
Mouseover popup
Multidomain SMF forum
My new nested quoting style
Mark PM's to indicate how the are labled.

[ N ]
New Posts Marked
New users only able to reply to posts within last x days...
New messages flashing mail
No attachment limit for admins
Not displaying empty lines in profile
notify unnotify.

[ O ]
OnLine Users Today - collapsable
Online User's avatars rotation

[ P ]
Partial quoting and "to" button
PM Receipt Confirmation
PM to New Registered Users
preventing use of a certain theme
Prevent Spam
Pull attachments with SSI_Boardnews (Images and Files)
Profile as default login page\

[ Q ]
Quick maintenance
Quick register form for SMF 1.0.x (probably works with 1.1.x too)

[ R ]
Redirect To Announcement On Login
Remember location when logging in
Remove Images from Quotes!
Remove Moderators: and Topic: in tree-view and/or Inline-view
Rename index.php
Reply to all in PM's
Require minimum number of characters in search
Restrict access to a board based of users age in profile.
Roman Numerals
Rotating Text on Cursor

[ S ]
Scrolling Recent Posts
Security practices on creating modifications
See PDF in Posts
Separating the sticky topics from the normal ones
Setting the Forum as the Mainpage (MKportal)
Share user database for 2 (or more) different forums
signature info stats
Simple Countdown in header
Simple CSS Flat Input Boxes
Simple spoiler tag
Show number of errors at top of forum
Show Messages in RecentPost SSI
Show only the approved "Latest Member" on the index
Show unread topics for a specific board
Show username in browser status bar instead of user id number
Showing ads or text inside the message without template edits
Showing number of posts/topics next to child boards in 1.0.x
Showing theme on profile
Showing "category" images with boardnews ssi
Showing Highest and Lowest Karma Rating in Stats Page
Showing languages for easy guest/user selection
Showing the user's age beside thier post
Sort posts by date posted, not by most recent reply
SSI snippet, display holidays and events with dates
SMF Theme Making

[ T ]
Tag to show reader's name in message
Theme picker at top
Time Limit Board
Time left for karma
Time Passed Since Last Reply
Tinypic Image Upload Popup on Post/Reply Page
Top anchor after each post
Transparent PNGs for IE BBCode
Tracking User Activity
Trimming Extra Carriage Returns in Messages
Tutorial: how to COMPLETELY integrate FlashChat into SMF so you have a cool CHAT

[ U ]
Unlimited Edit Time For A Single Board
Unlimited Edit Time For A Single Group
Unsubscribe from all topic notifications
Use your forum in a different directory.
User default post color
User groups selection on registration
User must enter email twice during registration
User Not Allowed to Edit Own Post After X Hours
Using just a part of SMF

[ V ]
vBulletin like Post Display template [1.1 RC2]
View .txt files instead of Saving them
View Attachments but not download them

[ W ]
Wait time between searches
Who's using that theme
Who Viewed The Topic
Wrap text around images

[ X ]
XML, RSS and RSS2 feeds
Really sorry .. real life is demanding my full attention .. will be back soon hopefully :)