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Karma and color name

Started by slay3rg1, April 12, 2008, 11:16:18 AM

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hello everybody i'm using SMF 2 Beta 3 and i want to add reason for add or remove karma

how i can do it ??

and also how i can make admin and mods name on post to be red and blue ??


:D :D :D


but i got this

                         Execute Modification     ./Sources/Karma.php     Test failed
      1.    Add Before    ./Sources/Karma.php    Test successful
      2.    Replace    ./Sources/Karma.php    Test successful
      3.    Replace    ./Sources/Karma.php    Test failed

what should i do now ??


Manually add the package I guess, maybe another package is conflicting. I'm a newbie though so who knows xD

If I recall right there was a package parser on that might help.  It tells you what manual edits to make.
:D :D :D


You can find the package parser [nonactive]. That one works for 2.0 beta.


and what package parser  is ??


The package parser shows you manual edits to make to files in order to install mods. You just select your version, whether you're installing or uninstalling and then upload the mod.

It's useful when it can't be installed normally, like your Karma mod.


Quote from: slay3rg1 on April 12, 2008, 11:16:18 AM

and also how i can make admin and mods name on post to be red and blue ??

Try this. Default/Display.template.php
Code (find) Select
echo '
', $message['body'], '

and replace with
echo '<span style="color: '. ($message['member']['group_id'] == '1' || $message['member']['group_id'] == '2' ? $message['member']['group_color'] : ''). ';">', $message['body'], '</span>

Or if you want other colors, try this mod
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