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Started by lurkalot, February 12, 2005, 04:43:00 AM

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Thank you :)

-Dan The Man


OK, these themes aren't working.  I install them, and then when I go to my profile to change my theme, I get an internal server error.

-Dan The Man


Are you sure the mod is installed? It will render an error if not.


Quote from: Bloc on March 25, 2005, 06:53:47 PM
Are you sure the mod is installed? It will render an error if not.

D'oh!  HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID?!  Thanks :)

-Dan The Man


I currently have 0.4beta installed and missed the 0.5 beta.. was wondering if i was going to have problems upgrading in the futur? or is it going to be easy to do the upgrade?


No, the upgrade should go fine. It will upgrade from all previous betas, and keep the settings and data intact.


This is a great idea, and perfect for a gaming site were news posting is secondary to the content of the forum.  Plus given the theming capabilities of SMF one site could be used for a gaming community involved in multiple games.  Each member can just be configured to see the content for the game they play, and a theme tailored for each game as well.

Bloc keep up the great work, and if you need any other testers let me know.



Thanks, both. Its getting more stable, and slowly getting to the way I want it. ;)

Mentalmuscle, if you like to be beta-test it, stop by


Bloc, count me in as well.

I am in love with the helios theme and have a close eye on your tiny portal work.

was a bit worried when you first pulled it off the shelf.

Do you have room in your beta program for one more?


I had successfully installed this (v0.6.5 release), and then I uninstalled it (I'll explain later).  So, I uninstalled this and now I can't get into my forums.  Any idea on how I should get my forums back up online?  All I get is a white page...


I never made a backup copy of those three files that have been mentioned (index.php, index.template.php and Load.php), since I wasn't aware to back up those specific files.

PS - I was using the Helios TP theme for this portal.  Should I have switched back to a regular portal before uninstalling the theme?  I hope I don't have to rebuild my forums, because the last time I backed up was about a week ago.


Nothing is lost, it just that the TP enabled theme tries to fetch something which isn't there no more, most likely. Just upload the UPGRADE version on whatever version of SMF you have and run the upgrade.php. It should sort out any problems with remaining bits of TP in your files.

This has proven to be the biggest obstacle in this mod, so I am currently changing heavily what the install prosess actually changes , for the next release. Making TP enabled themes work as normal even when TP is not present(which they really should)is also at the top of my rather long list. ;)


Where can I download TinyPortal ?
My SMF Forum:


For now:
But I will soon put it up here again.


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Oops. :) Thanks, eldacar.


Definitely post when you are going to put the mod back up on here.

I'm interested in beta testing it since I just set up a bare SMF forum and if I loose anything, it's not a big deal. XD I tried to register art your [nofollow] site to sign up for the beta testing, but I couldn't register.

O_o Wouldn't let me.

But yea... I'd love to be part of it if it's possible. ^_^ It's a very neat looking mocification. I've been trying to do multi colums for a while now and it just never works well.


where i can found this mod tinyportal?

JayBachatero  You need to register and make a post here

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Hey guys,

recently discovered "Tinyportal". looks great.

my site is currently running Joomla! ( but I've discovered that my site revolves around the forum, which of course runs SMF. just wondering what the adv/disadv's are of Joomla vs Tinyportal, and if anyone has made this switch recently.