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Started by lurkalot, February 12, 2005, 04:43:00 AM

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Does tiny portal work with smf 1.1.1?


Quote from: jdvarner on January 02, 2007, 11:28:29 PM
Does tiny portal work with smf 1.1.1?

Works fine for me.


i downloaded the package at tiny portal and uploaded to a 1.1.1 site,and got package not compatable error.


When you enter the package manager add on ;version_emulate=1.1 to the end of the url and then run that url. It should now let you install Tiny Portal on 1.1.1.
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You must modify the package-info.xml because it was only originally made for 1.1 RC3. Bloc says next version will be compatible with SMF 1.1.1. All TP Themes are compatible with TP unless any files have changed. It is free and works 100%. What I use is the manual installation for TP because I want to wait until the mod works 100% with a version then just modify ;)


how do you modify the package-info.xml to work on version 1.1.2?


There already is a version posted on bloczone...


As URPG stated "On tinyportal aka Bloczone" they have a new version posted, well actually not new version but modified to work for smf 1.1.2


I'm using 1.1.2 and tiny portal which seems to work.  I guess I better go over there and check it out


Also, if you have upgraded the quick way through the package manager, none of your mods or settings got effected :)


Quote from: digisubs on February 14, 2007, 12:57:05 AM
how do you modify the package-info.xml to work on version 1.1.2?
Use TP 0.97.1. :)

UPDATE: The latest version is TP 0.983. This will work with smf 1.1.1 and 1.1.2. :)

Matthew Schenker

I have a kind of general question here...

Is Tinyportal an effective way to build a simple Web site around your forum?  I have a relatively simple site I am trying to create, and it also has a forum.  Will Tinyportal be good enough?  Am I better off with something like Joomla or Mambo?



That depends on what you seek..Joomla have a lot of modules that do certian things, TP is more of a general toolbox, have options like php or html pages(articles) and generally made to be simplistic  to operate. It also works entirely from within SMF, saving the hassle of maintaining two scripts.

But do have a look at to see it in action. ;)

Matthew Schenker

Thanks, I'm going to give Tinyportal a try.  Seems like a nice solution for my Web site.


I use it too. It is a very nice powerful solution for people who want a website (like me) instead of just a little forum. Now the forum is only one little feature on my site but before it was the whole thing. Of course I also use those mods, SMF Gallery, SMF Arcade, SMF Links, and more! ;)

* Brianjw wants you to download tinyportal cuz its awesome 8)

Matthew Schenker

Thanks...I'm still learning, so it's good to hear endorsements from people who know a lot!


Once you learn to use articles you'll find that you can create and add things you haven't een thought of before. You might also want to check out the "Block Snippets" sections at TP. ;)

Matthew Schenker

A warning to people considering Tinyportal...

I had to uninstall TinyPortal from my test forum because it broke the entire site.  Menus stopped appearing, the Gallery was no longer accessible, boards were gone, and the administrator area had missing entries.

Even after I uninstalled it, pieces of Tinyportal were left in my test forum.  No one could help me clean it up, so I uninstalled my entire test forum from my Web host and then re-installed SMF without Tinyportal.

What a mess!


Well thats strange.  I use TP and have received all the support I needed there.  I have installed this on a few forums with no problem.   Was the theme you were using a TP modified theme.  Also your language settings can cause what you described.

Matthew Schenker

Yes, I was surprised, based on all the positive comments I have heard about Tinyportal.

But let me tell you, I will not be attempting to install Tinyportal again, unless it's on a totally plain forum that I can uninstall and reinstall easily.

Just for the record:
- I was using the default theme
- My language settings were not changed
- The only modification I had on my forum was the Gallery

Even if my situation is unusual, people should be aware of the risks involved with Tinyportal.