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Re: Stop Spammer
« Reply #2060 on: September 16, 2019, 10:08:08 PM »
got an error with this mod installed

so I go to view the members on my forum in my admin
admin >members
and I have an error

Code: [Select]
syntax error, unexpected '||' (T_BOOLEAN_OR)
Any other mods installed? Where is the error happening and in what file? There may be a conflict somewhere.


 :laugh: a lot of mods installed....

Emoji Parser
Relative Time And Date
Replace Board Title With Image
Welcome Topic Mod   
Quick Buddies   
BBC You   
RSS Images   
Better Profile Menu   
Board Stats   
Say Thanks   
BBC Message Boxes   
Karma Description Mod   
Member Color   
Reason For Editing Mod   
Characters remaining of post   
Sorted Package Manager Listing   
BBC In Custom Title   
reCAPTCHA for SMF   
List Of Users In Forum/Board/Topic   
Modified No Topics Message (SMF 2.0+)   
Board Notes   
[BBCode] Dotted Underline   
'Read the Rules' Link Above Post Button   
Add Social Media Icons To Profiles   
SMF Articles   
Post Anonymously In Topic   
Social Login   
Who Downloaded Attachment   
Stupid bouncy BBC   
Auto Respond   
Multiple Smiley Aliases   
Ban List   
Move Posts addon   
Show JDALLAUI in Post and PM   
Board Message Icon   
Enhanced Dropdown   
Word Censor List   
More Spiders   
Like Posts   
[BBCode] Overline   
Adk Blog   
Referrals System   
Who Quoted Me   
ETNTPT - Edited Time Next To Posted Time   
Enhancements to purge inactive members   
Left-To-Right and Right-To-Left BBcode Buttons   
Menu without limit level   
Custom Report Mod   
Additional Membergroups on Profile   
Best Answer Intergration   
Nickname to Reply   
SA KB   
Avatars on Board/MessageIndex   
Log Karma Actions   
Admin Ban Button in Post   
Forum Visitors   
Downloads System   
Pretty URLs   
Add Stars To Profile   
Lazy Moderator Menu! For SMF   
Add Avatar To Who Is Online Version 1.2   
BBCode with style   
Recount Member Posts   
Tabbed smileys   
Lazy Admin Menu   
Enhancements to recent posts   
Quick Translation   
Fix Message Empty Error For Embed Video Mods   
404 on Missing Topics/Boards   
Google Tagged   
Play Media Attachment   
Anti-Spam Links   
AMSP - Add Member's Signature Permission   
Additional Topic Authors   
SMF Gallery Lite   
Topic Viewers   
Yet Another Spoiler Mod   
6 Custom buttons / tabs with Sub Menus (4)   
Date_Registerd on post   
Post and PM Inline Attachments   
Quick Ban on Account Delete   
Membergroup Signature Permissions   
AJAX Recent Topics   
Default Avatar   
New Hooks   
Download Attachment   
Related Topics   
Buddies With Me (aka Followers)   
Spiders Don't Increase Topic Views
Auto Merge Double Post   
@mention members   
Alternative Menu With Top Menu Icon & Button Remover   
Unknown Actions   
Force Topic Read On Login Mod   
Country Flags
Auto Refresh Who Index   
Change Report Text To Image   
Profile Views   
Font AweaZome   
AWSP - Add WebSite Permission   
Image Floating to Left or Right BBCode   
Prevent Topic View Increase by Author   
Better Messages Menu   
Event Reminder Mod for SMF2   
Today Registrations   
Signature Area BBCode Buttons   
Make modified post unread   
Images with Margins and Borders   
Number of Unapproved Posts and Topics in Header   
Join Reason   
Member NotePad   
Open Embed   
Hall Of Fame   
RSS Feed Icon   
Buddy Page   
Event Registration Mod for SMF2   
Joinable Groups   
Activity Bar   
Topic Descriptions   
Custom BBCodes Manager   
PM Attachments   
Working top level links for drop menus   
SMF Staff Page   
SMF Links   
Topics Created And Participated In   
Current Signature Mod   
Buy me A drink   
Audio and Video BBCodes
Responsive Curve