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Started by element01, May 29, 2010, 08:45:38 AM

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Hey, SMF community!  ;D

I apologize for this essay of a post, but by the end of it you will have a new way to promote your forum and at least 100 unique visitors, guaranteed!

I am a University student in the UK studying business. Part of my end of year assignment is to create a "service that is useful to a community", making it as successful as possible over the summer. So, since I <3 'SMF' I thought I would try to offer a service that benefits the SMF community. After a lot of pondering... I realized that it is actually really tricky to promote a new forum, especially on a tight budget!

My solution? A website that promotes any SMF forum for free!

I'm assuming you are like "Yeh, big whoop buddy"... but hear me out. There is no point promoting on a website that has no visitors right? Exactly.. so my University was kind enough to provide me with backlinks on their PR 7 website, for the keywords "how to promote a forum for free". They will also be sending out a bulk email to the 21,000+ students that receive their weekly newsletter.

I have two weeks before the newsletter is sent out and I'm assuming it should take a couple of weeks for my website to be indexed.

So, I need some forums to promote! If you provide me with a URL I will add your forum to the front page of my website, it is first come first serve I'm afraid. My target is to promote 50 forums in 2 weeks so I could really use your help guys.

You can vote and comment forums @


Thanks dude  ;D

You are first on the list.


ah well nowt to loose

2000+ games available to download


exactly! thanks for the support your a legend :)


Maybe you can help promote a service that uses SMF... Can you add:


I realized I can't add it to the list since it isn't a forum, but I have 125x125 advertising space available for free if anyone wants to send me a banner. I will release the URL soon so that you can vote and comment on your forums.




Can you add my site if you have space. It's a forum about pet care,

      Love talking about pets?
      Visit a friendly pet forum!

      Looking for tips to running a forum?
      Trebul's community guide



Please I am really in dire need of members to my forum. I am begging you to assist me by adding me. I Have different sections and we discuss so many things on my forum.

I want to post but the forum is telling me that I can not post external links so I attached  it in a text

Please assist me.


Great. university students will love my website... i think. Can you add mine too plz?


need all the help i can get not sure if university students will be interested but the forum is linked in my signature


thanks guys!  ;D university students are always bored so I am sure they will love any forum where they can be social. Not long until the email goes out so lemme have your forums before it's too late!


If you need any help, let me know because I am pretty sure I can help you. If your using SMF then I know some must have mods for a directory.


Can u add mine nothing to Lose :) - Tottenham Hotspur Forum


wow  ;D I am finding it hard to keep up, 2 pages of forums already!

Hint: You MUST rate and comment on your forums to stand a better chance of your forum being viewed!

Visit, find your forum and vote as many times as you like!

P.S You have some awesome forums guys