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use name Problem

Started by !RFAN, June 23, 2010, 09:01:11 AM

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whenever my new members try to register an account on my forum with user name having character * they receive an error

The username you tried to use contains the reserved name '*'. Please try another username.

i dont have any reserved name with this character..

whats wrong??


* is a character used for wildcards. For example, if you want to use Member Search to find all users on bear.whatever you type *@bear.whatever and the list will appear.
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i see on other forums of IPB members have user names with * character... y cant we have on smf??


Well, it depends on which characters are used as Wildcards and whether Wildcards can be used at all. Same thing when trying to save a file - eg. a song title - in pc programs which won't allow the apostrophe.
SMF v2.1.3  Mods : Snow & Garland v1.4,  PHP  v.7.4.33


hmmm.. got it.. btw.. what will u suggest me if i want to allow members to use this character..

thankx btw..



amigozone, id say it be easier just not allow names with * you could look in register.php there should be an area in there
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