Substring problems in Greek language

Started by CapadY, December 06, 2010, 03:35:20 PM

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I've been looking at the next topic:

In this topic are also some screen prints.

This problem is caused because the substring action at line 290 or 292 in Calender.template.php don't give a correct result when using the Greek UTF8 language files. When using English or Dutch language files it is working fine.

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This seems like a known bug in RC3, which has been solved in RC4.
Does it still happen in RC4?
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bumping this since it does not seem fixed. tested with svn trunk revision 10503

Quote from: Illori on May 02, 2011, 06:37:52 AM

out of your list to verify this one seems to be the only that i can verify still exists, it works fine in greek, but does not work in greek-utf8

I tested a few other languages, dutch-utf8 and turkish-utf8, looks like turkish-utf8 has this issue as well but only for the character for wednesday in the mini calendar on the left side.

also tested with russian-utf8, this issue seems to be able to be duplicated with any language that does not use the a-z alphabet for the first letter of each day of the week. I will bump that topic with further information.

tested with adding $global_character_set = 'utf8';  to settings.php it had no effect on this issue.


Is that a clean UTF-8 install? I tested it with today's build using Turkish, Greek and Russian (all both UTF-8 and non-UTF-8) and couldn't reproduce.
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it is a clean install, whatever trunk is by default, tested in firefox, in opera the question marks are blank boxes.


Can you attach the Calendar.template.php and index.greek.php language file you are having this issue with, here?
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The files seem to be fine as well. Is your test site online? If not, can you attach me your PHP info saved as HTML and HTML page source of the calendar page with the bug?
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see attached files. localhost running wamp server.


Can you link me to the exact wamp server installation you are using?
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Illori i had an older version but upgraded to this one, i still have the older apache/php/mysql etc but I am running the newer version from this install.


tried in virtalbox kubuntu 11.4 apache/php/mysql from default repro's installed greek utf8 enabled calendar and shows the same results as in firefox when viewed in rekonq.

apache 2.2.17
php 5.3.5
mysql 5.1.54
rekonq 0.7.0 kde 5.6.2



It won't let me install WampServer on school computers because our accounts are restricted and I can't reproduce it otherwise and I can't fix something I can't reproduce. Someone else will have to look into this.
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i could also duplicate it using the default packages in kubuntu, does that help you any?


A method to replicate it is change in install.php:
'utf8_default' => false,
'utf8_required' => false,

'utf8_default' => true,
'utf8_required' => true,

in this way I was able to reproduce it with mysql, firstly appeared in postgresql.

When this happens,
$db_character_set = 'utf8';

is not added to settings.php

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