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2.0 Final has been released

Started by Norv, June 11, 2011, 07:43:37 PM

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Simple Machines Forum Team is proud to announce the release of the long awaited SMF 2.0 Final version to the public.

This release marks the transition of SMF 2.0 into the current stable release of SMF, as well as the rebirth of the SMF project as open source software, as it was meant from the start.
As of now, SMF is licensed under the BSD License.

Also, SMF 1.1.14 was released, addressing a vulnerability found in SMF 1.1.13 allowing display name spoofing as well as fixing a MySQL 5.5 compatibility issue. We strongly recommend that all users of 1.1.x line to upgrade as soon as possible.

For users of SMF 2.0 RC5, this release consists primarily of several bug fixes - most notably it fixes the login protection and possibility of real name spoofing. These issues have serious security implications, and we urge users to upgrade to it as soon as possible. For users of SMF 1.1, the changes between 1.1 and 2.0 are too numerous to list here - but we're sure you will be pleased with the new features SMF 2.0 has to offer.

The following are the more important changes and fixes since SMF 2.0 RC5:

  • Fixes to login protection system
  • Real name spoofing prevention
  • MySQL 5.5 compatibility fixes
  • Several PostgreSQL related fixes
  • Fixes to integration hooks
  • Several user interface fixes
  • Fixes related to member profile updates
  • Fixes to upgrade scripts

For a complete list of changes, please find the changelog as usual, on the downloads page, and the list of known issues in SMF 2.0 in the Online Manual.

With this release we'd like to take the opportunity to recognize the effort and dedication of all the people who have volunteered their time to help the SMF project. We would like to thank everyone, past and present, who has contributed to the development of SMF over the past years.

Finally - please do not use this topic for support requests. You will get a much quicker and better response by posting in the relevant support board!

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Yay!  :D

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Maybe I will update my SMF communities to 2.0 in the future but for now I am still a 1.1.14 fan.


So glad to see this out at last! Congratulations, team! :)


This is the day so many of us have waited for, for years. Thank you SMF team. My gratitude knows no bounds. My upgrade from 2.0 RC5 to 2.0 GOLD was an easy, and non stressful one.


Oooo yeaaah! Thank you SMF team!
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Grats guys im sure you are all breathing a sigh of relief! Now the fun begins getting down to some modding. :)


24 hrs a day...24 bottles in a crate what a coincidence???


Thank you guys! I hope to use this on my boards soon enough.


Yes!!! I have a project or two that I have been waiting for SMF 2.0 before I started.



Congratulations and MANY thanks to all those that must have put in many hours of work on this.


Thank you to everyone who made this release possible, in particular the devs.
It has taken a while, but it sure is going to reward the users :)

Thank you! :)
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Yes...  a huge thanks to our devs, who put in a lot of effort for this release. Onward and Upward!

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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 :D   Thank you, Guys and Gals.  :D

Great job!  :)