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Theme : Red it Random

Started by Ricky., September 08, 2011, 10:55:22 AM

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Red it Random

By : Ricky.

A Red colored dark theme with Glossy yet clean futuristic looks. Supported by beautiful random background feature which allows you to set various background  from list of beautiful background through Theme Admin Page. Theme also lets you to set random background so that on every page load, your user will see a new background.


  • Ability to set various trendy backgrounds
  • Allows you to set random background rotation automatically
  • Red Glossy theme yet with clean layout
  • A Dark theme
  • Fixed Width
  • Drop Down menu with transparency
  • Utilizing CSS3 supported by all modern browser
  • Allows you to add custom copyright in footer

How to set Random or Static Backgrounds

Theme : Red it Random comes with ability to change background images, for that when you have selected this..

For Static Background:
Goto --> Admin --> Configuration --> Current Theme
and choose your background from the list apart of "Random Background" .

For Random Background:
Goto --> Admin --> Configuration --> Current Theme
and choose "Random Background" from drop down menu .

Here is the screen shot of Admin :

Don't forget to save settings to see the results.

9/12/2011 - Made menu arrangements so that you can have multi-line buttons without breaking layout.
9/13/2011 - Fixed some icon issues.
6/10/2012 - Fixed minor issue with text editor
9/27/2012 - Fixed minor issue with catbg.


No, I will not offer free downloads to Premium DzinerStuido themes. Please stop asking.


installed but the width was way off...had to scroll.


I have not installed it but check Admin/Current Theme and see if you can change the width there. If not look in index.css for "div#wrapper" settings.

No, I will not offer free downloads to Premium DzinerStuido themes. Please stop asking.



Its fixed width theme.. either something broke up or you have low resolution. What's your resolution. I guess, if you have less than 1200px resolution, you may see a scrollbar..!

PS: It doesn't have width settings in Admin as its fixed width theme.. and I prefer fixed width theme because its good to start if your forum is new , empty.. you don't need lots of stuff to fill it that way.



Thank you ARG and Bluedevil for your compliments, still I am learning stuff around SMF !


can You make something for forums with more than default amount of buttons?

becouse it looks like this when You have more. I changed the index.css value in dropmenu height from 39 to 78 but the texture is bad

link to screen shot:


Since its a fixed with theme, there could be two solutions :
1. Either reduce size of ech button but looking at your screenshot, you have so many buttons, it won't help alot.
2. Group button in dropdown menu.. like, profile button can have PM menu in it along with HELP button.  Also, Admin and moderate button is not available to normal user, so you don't have to worry about them. 

Let me know if you can manage with grouping , or else I am thinking to make things so that people can have multi-line theme items.


i don't know how to group buttons :(

and multiline would be super!

im counting on it becouse this theme is great!


Grouping can be done via Subs.php , its easy , you can request that in SMF support with your SUBs.php ..

Regarding Multiline, I can do that only by tomorrow evening. Its Sunday today !


will wait in tension :)

have a nice Sunday!


I have updated the theme, now multiline buttons won't break layout. However, I had another idea to completely change how menu are built but that will take time. Meanwhile I hope you will find it  good.

Btw, thank you for liking this theme.



I can't see my unread topic icon, It' always RED.

Maybe off.png is wrong?


It is very much possible that while custom icons were created for the theme, somehow they are not properly packaged. I will look into it and update theme and let you know here.

I fixed icon issue. You can download fixed theme from theme site.


Like the others really enjoying the look of the theme is where I am using it. Still a work in progress.

Question you might be able to help me sort out is centring the top row of the pulldown menus rather than having them as a left justify? Having trouble following the css and trying to get it to work so any help would be very welcome.
Owner of many many shiny toys.


I am glad you liked the theme and I also liked they way you have customized it as per your site's need.
What I can see that you want to center the menu bar. It is possible, but being a fixed width forum, you don't have space to do that.

See this thread :

Though, all you need to do is give main_menu a fixed width and then give it margin:0 auto; to make it center.


Thanks for the couple of tips and the link. Still not sure I want them in the centre yet but I wanted to have a look at it running that way.

Your theme has made a really good starter for where I have now got the forum to. Also not seen by guests is a tweaked version on the nchat mod under the menu and a bunch of other more subtle stuff.

Had a few of the members whinging and moaning about the Red but I am winning them over  ;)
Owner of many many shiny toys.


Well, ya red may not be a winner at first but later it turns into identity. It definitely gives a unique appearance to your site!