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Firefox not remembering my forum text

Started by Chalky, April 03, 2012, 11:46:05 AM

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Odd problem here, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place but I don't know where the problem is.

If I'm in the middle of typing a post in my forum, then accidentally navigate away from the page, when I back-browse to my post-form (or forward browse if I used the back button to navigate away) all my typing is lost and I'm looking at a blank post-form.

I do have "Allow browsers to go back to cached pages" checked in my forum server settings, but this is the really weird bit.  I have checked Opera and Chrome and they both remember my typing.  On other forums, including this one, Firefox remembers my typing!  So what is preventing Firefox from remembering my typing on my own forum?  And how do I fix it?  I wondered whether I had somehow broken a cookie, but I ran CCleaner and the problem persists.  Any ideas?

Thanks :)


Yeah. Use Opera. ;)

Is this just happening for you? Or, is everyone using Fartfox affected?


I like Firefox  :'(  LOL

None of my members even have FF installed on their machines to test it for me, so I can't answer that.


Get PaleMoon. It's Firefox on steroids. ;)

The portable version's good.

Have a look at Firefox's settings, particularly the cache/cookies options.


Thanks, I'll have a look at that :)  I don't want to be rained off FF though - I'm sure this is a new problem and that it was remembering my typing in the early day of the forum - being a clumsy oaf I can't believe this is the first time in five weeks or whatever that I've accidentally clicked something while I've been typing....

FF is set to remember history.  It has my forum cookie showing dutifully in the cookie list, which figures, as I never have to login.  I can't see anything more to fiddle with in there  :-\


There're cache settings, somewhere.

Oh, all right. I'll launch bloody Firefox to check... :P



Thanks K@, so are you telling me this is a known issue, even with Firefox 11 which is the version I'm using?  And it still hasn't been fixed?  But why should I have the issue on my own forum and not on

Screenshots of my Network settings tab attached....


Dunno. My settings are the same as yours and I just checked. It works OK, here.

Obviously, I dunno if it works on your forum, though.

Just a thought, though...

Dunno if it'll affect anything. But, if you look at Admin>Server settings>caching, is your "Caching Level" set to level 1?


Yes, level 1.

Please would you be so kind as to see if it does work for you on my forum?

If it's running a bit slow, it's because I'm in the middle of a full back-up of my server via FTP.  My hosting control centre only seems to allow database backups, not files like your fancy cPanel thing does ;)


Eventually, yeah.

Your site's a bit on the Godaddy slow side...


LOL I was just editing my post  :laugh:  You did that quick though!  So yours is retaining text?  Hmm.... must be something in my firefox then....

Thank you :)



QuoteWhat is the 3 letter code for our south airport?


Oh soz, LOL I jumped miles ahead there, you said yes you'd test it not yes it works ROFL!!!

*** is the answer you want

Edit:  Dammit, it's painfully slow right now isn't it!  How embarrassing!  I swear it isn't normally like this....


As you'll see, mine works, perfectly.

So, it's your Firefox settings, somehow. :P


How curious....

Thank you so so much for that K@ :)  I will keep playing with my firefox then, now at least I know where to look...

Thanks :)


To keep FF from losing text, do a "Preview" before moving off the page. That always does it for me.


Thanks Mr Phil, that could work, except that in my case, moving off the page isn't usually either intentional or foreseen...

The worst culprit is my backspace button, which somehow, when I'm using it to backspace to correct a mistype, it instead backbrowses to my previous page!  I go forward to return to where I was and all my typing is gone  :(