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Started by padexx, May 20, 2006, 12:16:17 PM

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Hmm. can you get it as an aliance theme? And how?



you can choose the alliance-theme in the theme settings ("theme color"):



Just wanted to let everyone know that Panic gave me permission to have it converted to TP and CRIP at  Blocs forum converted it yesterday.  Here is the link. It looks great!! Thanks again Panic.


Hi all,

since koni updated his PN-PN theme (the base them of wow-dk) I will update mine in a few days, too.

Any other bugs to fix?



OMG! This looks so sweet, argh! can you please make a 1.0.7 ver?


Sorry Kamakaze, making a 1.0.7 compatible version is beyond my knowledge of SMF...

feel free to upgrate to 1.1RC2 ;)


you can make also for TinyPortal the v.0.8.6 for request and into German 


there is already a tinyportal version of this theme. Have a look at But you have to login to dl.




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thank you all!  8)


I absolutely LOVE this theme and I want to make it my forum default... but not all of my mods show up when I choose to make it the forum default. 

How can I "replace" the SMF Forum Default with this theme?  Any ideas?  I made a copy of the "default" folder and renamed it to "default_theme" so that if I messed up the default, I can always replace it with what was there originally. 

So then I tried to copy the WoW-DK theme contents into the default folder... and reinstall all my mods.  But I get a lot of display_settings, message_settings and board_index errors..

Is there a way to smoothly make this mod the default?  The mods I want to work the most with this is the Download 1.1 RC2 and the PaypalDonations.  There are about 42 mods altogether... and maybe 15 will work without problems.

Is there any way to replace the SMF default theme with this theme and have all the mods work like they do with the SMF default?

I really want to use this theme as the default so badly!!



Hi philliephan,

the mods you are having problems with are those mods which add/replace code in the existing template files.


the Download RC2 mod

<edit file>
</edit file>

<search for>
if (in_array($context['current_action'], array('search', 'admin', 'calendar', 'profile', 'mlist', 'register', 'login', 'help', 'pm')))
</search for>

if (in_array($context['current_action'], array('search', 'downloads', 'admin', 'calendar', 'profile', 'mlist', 'register', 'login', 'help', 'pm')))

means "search in file and replace".

This has to be done for each theme because there is different code in every theme!
For example if you look into the "download rc2" folder you can see all the fixes listed in the install.mod file.




<---- a little confused....

should I be taking that code you posted and opening the install.php to each mod and put that in there somewhere?

or do I make your theme the default from the theme options area and then try to do what I was doing before? by reinstalling all the mods again? ('cause that didn't work)

or should I just rename your theme folder to 'default' and then try to reinstall all the mods?  (making sure none of the other files are in that folder that used to be in the default folder?)

*sigh* I wish I knew more about php and how I can get things to work nice with each other.

I don't have any problem testing with however you tell me to (I made up a test forum just for this purpose).  So really ... I guess if none of the options I listed above are what you're saying to do... would it be too much to ask you to take me through it step-by-step?  You can PM me if you like, but I'm sure I can't be the only one who's wondering how to make this the default theme and keep all the mods that work with the default smf theme.

I'd really appreciate whatever guidance you can provide!



philliephan PM  :)


*nod* thank you for your kind PM response... now I understand why it would be so hard to make things work.  I'll just keep an eye out for any future releases or changes to the current mods/themes and hopefully in future SMF changes it won't be so hard.



another update


- added more color/character versions



Thank you for such a quick reply on my question.  Theme looks even better now that I know there were options for changing the posters default location



Oh, I have gotten a request from my members lately on this theme.  Is there a way to allow members to change the colors on their end?  So each member has a customized look when they log in?