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Started by Team, August 02, 2006, 10:39:07 PM

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Quote from: Arantor on February 20, 2022, 03:13:45 PMThe problem with that is that it suddenly becomes very theme dependent, in a way it isn't today - adding to the main_content_section can be done trivially without being 100% dependent on the theme actually implementing it that way (and 2.0 themes being ported forward probably won't bother with footer as is because it wasn't like that in 2.0)

Though I suppose you could stack it with a buffer rewrite to inject on </footer> if present for best case? But then there's support issues for people who don't have that in their theme :(

Are you describing an intrinsic problem with supporting SMF 2.1.1 with this mod?


No, I was describing why someone's feature request really isn't as simple as it sounds in theory.
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Quote from: Arantor on April 14, 2022, 03:22:00 AMNo, I was describing why someone's feature request really isn't as simple as it sounds in theory.
Oh ok, cool. :)

Do you know if this works in SMF 2.1.1? It's the last mod with a question mark for me holding me back from upgrading from 2.1RC4.


Worked fine on my test platform 2.1.1
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I have tested the mod as well. And updated the mod to say it supports 2.1
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The error has not been fixed yet, the banners at the bottom of the forum do not have a good display, they should be lowered below the menus and buttons on the right. This only happens to guests (not members) who are reviewing the topic. Banners are displayed on other pages.



Firefox doesn't show them at all.

Ad Management mod has the same error.