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How To Complete Your Ad Submission

Once you have completed your banner advertisement order (by selecting the appropriate "Buy Now" button from our advertising page), you can complete you banner submission by emailing the following information to us at sponsorship@simplemachines.org. Please make sure to use a subject of "Image for Advertising Campaign" in your email.

  1. Your banner, in PNG, JPG, GIF, or animated GIF format.
  2. The destination URL of your campaign.
  3. The duration of your campaign*
  4. The start date of your campaign (if not immediately)

* Most advertisers spread their campaigns as 100,000 impressions over 30 days — although it is up to you if you would like to go for a more concentrated or more distributed approach.

Once you have sent us the required information, we will activate your banner advertisement, and email you login information you can use to monitor your traffic and conversion rates.

Additional Notes

Banners must be 468x60, the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s standard size for banner ads, and in JPG, GIF, or animated GIF format. In consideration of our readers on slower connections, we ask that file sizes be kept below 30KB.

In order to keep fast page load times as well as improve security, we will host all banners and text off of our servers.

Since Simple Machines is a family oriented/safe site, banners that are pornographic or adult themed in nature will not be permitted. We retain the right to approve or deny any advertising campaign.

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