The few, the proud, the geeky!
Kindred - The Mean One
Dragooon -
  • Team member since May 2014
Suki -
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  • Team member since March 17, 2011
  • Rejoined the team September 27, 2013
live627 - On Hiatus
Support Specialists
margarett - Lead Support Specialist
ziycon - Support Specialist
  • Team member since November 21, 2011
Illori - Support Specialist
mcblaber - Support Specialist
Sir Osis of Liver - Support Specialist
br360 - Support Specialist
Bigguy - On Hiatus
SA™ - Lead Customizer
Gary M. Gadsdon - Customizer
JBlaze - Customizer
  • Rejoined the team January 31, 2011
Colin - Customizer
Doc Writers
Dr. Irisado - Doc Coordinator
Dzonny - Localizer
Dr. Deejay - Localizer
Language Moderators

We would like to pay special thanks to all of our language moderators who help us immensely in our world wide endeavour.

Friends and Family

Simple Machines wants to thank everyone else that has contributed to our project. This includes all of our community members and special thanks to our previous Team Members and those who inspired this wonderful software: