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vReportBoard Mod

Started by Valodim, August 21, 2006, 07:58:17 PM

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This mod replaces the Report to Moderator feature.

Instead of being sent by mail, reports are posted as a new thread in a board specified by the admin in the modSettings ("Features and Options"), quoting the post in question. This board should, of course, only be accessible for staff members.

All reports have an unsolved icon (), which can be toggled to a solved icon () using a button right next to the "Lock/Unlock" one in the thread's display. You can replace those icons in $themedir$/images/post/ if you like.

Reports are visible to everyone who has access to the specified board. The origin of the report is shown in the subjects:
[Forum Name] Thread Name
So mods can easily find the reports concerning their assigned forums.

Advantages of this mod:
- mods can see what's been dealt with (and what's not) in their section, and admins can see if mods are doing their jobs ;)
- reports can be discussed, since the report threads can of course be replied to just like any other thread
- reports are archived, for further reference
- no more mailbox checking for reports. reports via mail are often overlooked, so users lose trust in the report feature pretty fast. At least that's how it is at my place :)

Reporting of PMs to a board (seperate from post reports possible) is optional.

Does not include a "solve report" icon for the babylon theme, you'll have to set that up yourself. PM me if you have the icon ready and I'll add it :P

Unsolved reports are listed above solved ones in the report board.

Since version 0.96, a permission is required to solve topics. Make sure you have that set up for your staff members!

1.1 beta 3 support dropped since version 0.95, use that if you still use that version (which you shouldn't by the way)

\\ 1.00

The first of my mods to reach version 1.00. Huzzah!

Lots of changes! :D

- added pm reporting to board, either to a seperate or same board as post reports go, or by pm as usual
- consequent reports of the same post are posted as replies instead of new threads in the report forum
- added option (by permission) to show a marker of reported posts in message view, and their solve status
- added "solve" image for classic theme


I installed it but after i reported a topic the new topic that is created has no title..
--> [[Today at 03:01:52 AM] this is the message title, is it possible to change it into something like: [report] topic title

Also, when i check the hidden topic report board this: "Feedback] recent topics" />" shows up at the top of the board.

And one more problem.. the layout of the forum is a bit scr3w3d up.. sample attachment added here:



very strange. do the board names possibly contain a > char?


This looks like a good mod, has it been tested with SMF 1.1RC3 yet ???


*cough* whoops, the subject line remained without addslashes.

fixed that, made unsolved reports listed between sticky and non-sticky posts, and fixed the quote link.

not tested with 1.1RC3, any experiences?


I changed the version number in the "package-info.xml" file and tried to install. I get an error in MessageIndex.php. I do have other mods installed so it could be that.


but the other ones work? good. please try if this one works :)


It installed with no problems at all. It also uninstalls clean from what I can tell. Are there any options to set. ???

EDIT: Found the settings ok. Ya know it would be awesome if this could be integrated with the Visual Warning mod. ;)


Great. *uploads with RC3 compatibility checked*

Yeah. At the bottom of basic forum features, you have to give the id of the board to post reports in (you ought to create a new one as subforum of staff forum for that), and set solved and unsolved icons' names. :)

\\ edit

what do you mean, integrated? not much interoperability going on between these two, is there? :P


I found all the settings and tested it out on a post and it worked. All I meant by integrating it is I feel if your going to report a post then maybe you should have the option also to Warn or ban the person that is being reported. Obbviuosly if your reporting them it's not for being a GOOD member, lol. Just a thought.


but reporting is for normal members, warning is for staff only, who are directed to evildoers by reports :P

anyways, there is no technical reason to integrate these, so... no :P


ok, Thought I would bring it up. :)


one problem, triyng to install this mod it not work cause this line:

<search for>
   " . (!empty($modSettings['enableStickyTopics']) ? 't.isSticky' . ($fake_ascending ? '' : ' DESC') . ',
</search for>

in my Messageindex.php there isn't

i have this line
   " . (!empty($modSettings['enableStickyTopics']) ? 'isSticky' . ($fake_ascending ? '' : ' DESC') . ',

so i have in everypage 'isSticky' and not 't.isSticky' as request is my error page messageindex.php or your error writing mod?
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what version of smf do you use?


CrazyZone - My SMF Forum

From the difficult the hardening of the man you can see


aah, that's a line I added in the latest version. I accidently used 11b as reference instead of rc2, sorry :)

thank you, should be fixed now :)


Have been getting errors, shown in forum error log as

8: Undefined index: report_icon1
File: /home/fivearts/public_html/Sources/MessageIndex.php
Line: 550

Board 2.0 is the board where the report is to go.

Edit: Using SMF 1.1 RC3


that's because you didn't specify a report_icon1 in the features and options :)

you're right though, that's a bit failfast. going to change behaviour to use smiley and sad as default :)


Thanks Valodim. I'll do that.

While testing it, I reported the same topic to moderator twice and both went to Board 2. Now in Board 2, I wanted to delete the 2 reports, so I checked both reported topics and chose "Remove selected", clicked [Go!] and I got error message:
Database Error
Duplicate entry '1308-36' for key 2
File: /.../Sources/MoveTopic.php
Line: 414

What could be the problem causing smf not being able to remove 2 topics at a time? Is it a smf bug?

I was able to remove 1 topic (id271), afterwhich the remaining one (id270 in Board 2) now has a recycled icon on the left of the topic title. Next I tried to delete topic id270 and the same error message appeared.

Found it! In the recycle board (Removed Topics & Posts), there is a topic under id 269 with exactly the same title and same hour, min, sec. I deleted that and now I can delete id270 (which now went into recyle board).


Hi Valodim,

I have made 2 simple gifs. Feel free to use it for the mod installation.