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Started by Fussilet, March 02, 2009, 05:02:20 PM

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Very Nice Theme Congrats Fussilet

Marcus Forsberg


Very Nice Multicolor Theme Brother.


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Very nice theme fussilet and i goning to download today.

o ther thing can u tell us how is to add pages like forum in this theme .

I hope u can tell us how is and what is the code to add in NEWTON MC costume pages like FORUM,AFFILIATES-ARCADE DOWNLAODS and more pages



My friend, I love your themes very very much. You are the best here.


How do i add links up the top next to home and stuff,i want to add links to the link line


which will you add links?


Quote from: Fussilet on March 04, 2009, 03:34:21 AM
which will you add links?

just to to other mods i have installed on the site
like these

Home Help Search Admin Profile My Messages Calendar Members Logout

i want to add some other links next to these


This theme would be perfect for my board, Chex Quest Fan Forums.

The problem is, I can not get any of my mods working with it.  One of them, AJAX Integration, causes the entire theme to not work.  I tried a package parser, but I couldn't find some of the lines.  Does anybody have any suggestions?


How could I make the "Purple" theme my default color w/o having to select it?


Admin > select color...


I dont see it...

if you go into admin area, then select the color form the color chart is that what your talking about?



Deleted all folders/files, then downloaded again, but I dont see anywhere to select a default color.

I see the colorchart on the right, but I dont see where to make purple the default setting.


Very nice theme!
Although, I have one request. Would it be at all possible to make it so that when you mouse over/have a link selected on the bar, instead of only having the Green box be one set size, can it cover the entire text?


I like the theme very much and it works well with lot's of mods, but i get one error:

8: Undefined variable: first

File: /home/antoinette/domains/ (main sub template - eval?)
Line: 104


Looks great, but is there any reason you have spaced the words so far apart? It's kind of hard on the eyes. Do you know what/where you made that change?
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