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Simple Machines Smiley Contest

Started by Fustrate, August 13, 2009, 06:06:16 PM

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hehe, thanks Arantor.  Will get there slowly but surely!


Hello again, it's kinda almost impossible to do a Screenshot for the animated GIFS since all animated gifs have different frame rates.  I can create a still screenshot of one of the frames of each of the animated gifs and place them in the screenshot instead, which would be much easier, but how will the users be able to see the animation of them?  So that they can be able to judge them better??  I don't know how you guys set it up for everyone to view, but do you also place the smileys in there so people can see the actual smileys??  If not, the animation of the animated gifs would not be visible for people to see and vote upon.  Just wondering here as I'm about ready to create the screenshot for my Semi-Animated Set...

RE-EDIT - OK just submitted the smiley pack on the SMF MOD Site.

Thanks :)



yeah, there sure is.  It's an asian smile.

EDIT:  Just submitted this Smiley Pack called, SoLoSMiLeYS on the MOD Site.  Guess it will be a couple of days before it gets approved.  Cheers :)


I read the terms and conditions on the first page, admittedly I did not read through all 6 pages of this thread so I may have missed it, and it states that the smileys must be your own work.

My question is what if they are GPL or creative commons licensed art work?  What if it is a derivative of one of those works?  Is that eligible?

青山 素子

If you are submitting someone else's work, that's cheating and you will be found out.

For this contest, it should be only your own original work.
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again.. my question is what if it is a derivative of one of those works?  Is that eligible?


I guess it depends how derivative we're talking. Taking a GPL work, and tweaking the colours slightly is likely to be a derivative work that would be excluded.

Taking several GPL icons and merging bits out of each into a single icon to make a truly unique icon is however likely to be OK because it's a new, very distinct icon.

The icons themselves can be licensed under whatever license you want to give them - just like mods.


I'd expect the majority of the work to be yours and not someone elses. Packaging a few smileys and then winning would be unfair on people who have actually put a lot more hard work in. You'd also need to ensure you give credit for any other work that you're using. Thats my opinion though, and may or may not be shared by the team
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And we create a much more... About 800 smileys... I saw that someone use this smyles here as them avatar....


So... how much "Smiley Packs" have been submitted 'till now? I'm curious!! :P
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you will find out at end :P

also member just 2 days to do Sunday at 11 pm GMT is the closing date (at 11 pm Friday GMT atm)
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they say that closing stops a month from the posting of this topic?  So, I would assume that there is also a time duration for the voting part of this as well.  Though, not really sure about how long this will be.  So, I suppose we will just have to wait and find out  >:( ;D


Competition closed, submissions are going to the Team, Beta Testers and Charter Members later on for voting.

Results shall follow after voting.


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Yeah, me too.  The suspense is killing me...


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Quote from: shaythong8 on August 31, 2009, 07:18:08 PM
There's an "azn" smiley?

Asian pride

I wonder what beautifully things will appear :) It's about time some more folks start making smiley packs... ;)


Just now looking at your smiley packs Aliencowfarm.  Very Nice :)