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Started by Suki, April 07, 2010, 06:47:12 PM

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Written by: Labradoodle-360
Current version: 1.0
Updates: Mod Support Topic
Suitable for: SMF 2.0 RC2, SMF 2.0 RC3
Supported languages:
Translators: Translations are welcome and appreciated!

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AddThis is the #1 Bookmarking & Sharing Service.

Official Website: AddThis.Com

AddThis Mod is permission based, so you can control who can share.
By using AddThis Click Stats/Analytics you can track clicks, by entering your username in the username field.

AddThis allows you to share anything

  • On the Calendar
  • On Boards
  • On Topics
  • On Posts
  • On the Help page
  • On the Memberlist
  • On the Printpage
  • On Profiles
  • And Forum Stats

By using the "Customize AddThis" field, you can customize the appearance and action of your bar, exclude a service, include a service, make your own.

AddThis already supports over 250 different social networking websites (with the ability to add more.)


Package Manager should work in most cases. If you need to make any edits, the full list can be obtained from the Parse function on the right..

Useful links
Manual Installation Of Mods
How Do I Modify Files?


Questions should be address to the mod support topic.


Updates will be added here.


1.0 - 08.03.2010
First release AddThis

15 Files modified by AddThis
Disclaimer: unless otherwise stated, all my posts are personal and does not represent any views or opinions held by Simple Machines.



Nice mod in general.

I'm really curious though. Why would you want to submit your forum's stats page, or memberlist, or the *help* pages which are default in SMF to external sites? You really wanna share your forum help files with social networking sites or something (because they're not identical to every other forum out there)...?


Yeah that was my issue with it too. Seems like it only makes sense for posts topics. I don't get why for memberlist,stats
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not bad, however looks terrible as this bloody button looks too different. any chance allowing custom buttons?
personally I would add it right after "Print" within a message so it looks like it's a part of the template. this design works well with wordpress, but puts me off when in use like this


^^^ and profile pages too..
i believe all those extra memberlists, profile and co made the mod heavier.
It would be very nice if the next version can be trimmed down to just posts and topics.
Just a suggestion..

Matthew K.

Arantor - I covered all of the template based files that could possibly be shared...

Regarding why it was added to the memberlist, if this mod was used on a huge forum, you could sort the memberlist or even search for something and then share that url. So I wouldn't normally have added a memberlist share button - I honestly considered leaving it out, but since it the memberlist has "sub-functions" if you will, I decided to add it. Same with the help action.

Flapjack - I have added a "customize" field to change the display of the button. Future versions I hope to add SMF based control rather than having to code it yourself.
I also considered turning the AddThis button into an inline SMF button, as you suggested however I opted out of it for v1.0. - Thanks for the suggestion, I will keep this in mind for future versions.

Afro - As I already stated, my mod was created to cover almost all sections of SMF. I appreciate the suggestion of a toggle - To be honest, that will be added in the next version for sure.

Thanks for the suggestions and kind critique everyone!


Labradoodle: That's the point. A number of them are unnecessary.

Matthew K.

I do agree that the help page is definitely quite unnecessary, but I like covering all sections with my mods.

Regarding the memberlist, I think that it could be useful for bigger forums, however, I will definitely be adding toggles for sections leaving the button off sections such as help and memberlist by default.


I can't imagine any forum that would want to share their memberlist on social networking sites unless their aim is to offload users. Help... definitely not.


We actually see your point but one of the things i consider before adding some mods is the number of files it modifies plus the importance of the mod. In this context, i believe the mod is important but heavy. I downloaded and installed it, then had to remove it again because of the files it modified. Thanks for the mod though but i just wish you see where i am coming from.


Making it cover everywhere is probably worse than being specific in many cases. It is a skill to know where to draw the line.


Yeah I'd only really want to share a topic. Everything else in my opinion is a bit overkill. Of course I think the idea is killer, but thats a lot.
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I like the idea of being able to share things on the Calendar that might promote certain events that the site is having.  It goes w/o saying the importance of the posts/topics being included. 

Also, I appreciate the fact that you are looking to have the ability to toggle certain aspects of the forum like the memberlist (and hopefully stats, too).

-img removed-

Matthew K.

As many people have voiced their opinions on what should/should not be included, I may create a "plain" version that would just include topics, with the ability to use an SMF button rather than AddThis styling in addition to the full version.

C4G-TK - Thank you for your encouragement.
Once my dev laptop gets back, I will get to work on v1.1 with toggles.



Hello, will there also be a version to work with SMF 1.1? Thank you

Matthew K.

As of now, I do not plan on porting AddThis back to SMF 1.1.

But, I will consider including a fairly basic version for the next version of AddThis.
Quote from: samurai-lupin on April 21, 2010, 11:45:23 PM
Hello, will there also be a version to work with SMF 1.1? Thank you


Thank you,. It would be great if it was available for SMF 1.1


Quote from: samurai-lupin on April 25, 2010, 10:56:22 PM
Thank you,. It would be great if it was available for SMF 1.1

There is a different AddThis mod that was updated through 1.1.4, at least.
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I installed the mod and the settings are working (it's saving the "turn addthis on" setting), yet nothing is appearing on any of the pages that it should be.  I manually installed the mod, and I checked the code over again... I don't seem to see a problem.

I've turned AddThis on, and made Guests and Regular Members allowed to share content.

Ideas? (among other sites)

I am not using an AddThis username, and I am using the standard button.
FMVperformance:  3.51m posts, 63k members, 11 boards, 1 database

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